Activities and Tasks

Our primary activity consists of developmental and research work in psychology.

We carry out the following non-profit activities, through which we realizes our mission:

  • We conduct research and development in psychology and related sciences.
  • We organize, coordinate, inform, and provide material support for individual and collective research and development work.
  • We assist and advise members on organizational, administrative, and business matters related to research and development activities.
  • We provide guidance and advice to members in formal procedures.
  • We organize working and project groups in psychology and related sciences.
  • We organize and conduct professional meetings, lectures, courses, seminars, workshops, and other educational events for members and external participants.
  • We provide training in psychology and related sciences for society members.
  • We organize and hold meetings and presentations of research and development activities for the professional and general public.
  • We ensure the transfer of research and development results of members into practice and public use.
  • We publish informative materials, serial publications, and monographs, in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • We publish, report, and promote in the media.

In achieving our mission, we perform the following fundamental tasks:

  • We provide professional, social, and moral support to members in their research and development work.
  • We organize cooperation among various professions and disciplines.
  • We encourage the flow and exchange of knowledge and ideas.
  • We develop and offer support services for association members.
  • We acquire and ensure material and financial support for the development and research projects of association members.
  • We provide professional support, advice, and guidance in the process of placing products on domestic and foreign markets.
  • We ensure conditions for implementing research and development projects.
  • We develop a creative and collaborative space for members to connect and work creativelly.
  • We secure financial resources necessary for the functioning of the society.
  • We collaborate with related societirs and aquire new members.